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Greg Danner

Information on compositions, including sound files and score excerpts for many of my works, can be found here. Below are a few comments from conductors and performers:

"Performed your beautiful piece "Walls of Zion." On behalf of band conductors at all levels of teaching, thanks so much for this repertoire piece. You have brought younger musicians to the beauty of music."

- Thomas Dvorak, Director of Bands, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

"Our faculty quintet at Kent State has had two successful performances of your piece "Vaudeville!" On both occasions the piece was a major hit! Thanks for writing such a refreshingly original woodwind quintet piece."

- Diana Fiocca, Professor of Flute

"BEAST! is driving and intense throughout. The dark and threatening mood predominating most of the work aptly fits its title. The total effect of the piece is one of fast, pulsing energy within a tension of textures and timbres. I definitely recommend adding this composition to your ensemble's library and repertoire."

- International Tuba-Euphonium Association Journal

"I particularly enjoyed the opening number, Shazam!, with its Bernstein-esque moments, sparkle, and rhythmic energy."

- The Horn Call

"New Frontier" is a glowing musical tribute to President John F. Kennedy and his hopeful vision for the future. A noble and exciting piece by a gifted composer."

- Larry Daehn, composer

"Greg Danner has produced a terrific work (Into the Blue) showcasing bluegrass, Appalachian folk song, Negro spirituals and work songs, gospel, and blues elements. Each of the five movements takes a particular character for inspiration. This is a fun piece concluding a fine album of new quintet repertoire."

- The Horn Call

"Slide Ride is a witty tour de force for the soloist and winds. A real crowd pleaser that is enjoyable by the listeners and musicians alike."

- International Trombone Association Journal