Concert band/Wind Ensemble

CENTENNIAL FANFARE, (gr. 5) 2 minutes
C. Alan Publications

Commissioned by Tennessee Technological University for their centennial celebration, Centennial Fanfare works as a great short concert opener or prelude to a processional.

Sample score and sound clip: Centennial Fanfare

SEVEN WONDERS, (gr. 5) 38 minutes
C. Alan Publications

The Seven Wonders of the World were monuments that expressed the culmination of man’s ingenuity and imagination. They were architectural and engineering marvels, which inspire awe even today. The Great Pyramid of Egypt, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, the Statue of Zeus at Olympia, the Temple of Artemis at Ephesus, the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus, the Colossus of Rhodes, and the Pharos lighthouse of Alexandria each have a fascinating story to tell. This suite for symphonic band is a musical reflection on the character and expression of these Seven Wonders.

Sample score and sound clip: Seven Wonders

COSTUMES OF THE SKY, (gr. 5) 14 minutes
C. Alan Publications

For chamber winds (wind quintet, brass quintet, one percussion). After a dramatic introduction scored for the full ensemble, the first section (evening) features solos from each of the woodwinds over a harmonic accompaniment with constantly shifting tonal colors.  The middle section (night) is a blues featuring the brass quintet (including a piccolo trumpet solo) and then moving into a section that highlights the alternate instruments of the wind quintet—alto flute, English horn, and bass clarinet.  The final section (dawn) is a celebratory dance alternating between winds, brass, and percussion.  The music ends with a declamatory fanfare heralding the new beginning.  Written for the 50th anniversary of the Bryan Symphony Orchestra.

Sample score and sound clip: Costumes of the Sky

NEBULA, (gr. 5) 22 minutes
C. Alan Publications

Inspired by photographs from the Hubble Space Telescope, Nebula is a three movement symphony for winds. Some nontraditional effects, such as pitch bending, singing, and unmeasured sections.

Sample score and sound clip: Nebula

Recording available at
Impressions--Drake University Wind Symphony

FLOURISHES, (gr. 4.5) 7.5 minutes
C. Alan Publications

A spirited “tour de force” featuring the horn section.  The work takes its name loosely from the use of “flourish” as a musical term in Elizabethan theatre.  Here it was used to indicate the performance of music appropriate for a fanfare or celebratory moment. “With a flourish of horns and trumpets” was a common stage direction in Shakespeare’s time.  As a concert overture, Flourishes captures that same musical expression of celebration and fanfare.  Written for the 50th anniversary of the Festival of Winds and Percussion at Tennessee Technological University and premiered by the Tennessee Tech Symphony Band, Joseph Hermann, Conductor.

Sample score and sound clip: Flourishes

WITH WINGS LIKE EAGLES, (gr. 4) 4.5 minutes
C. Alan Publications

With Wings Like Eagles is a ceremonial march that offers an alternative to the traditional processional for graduation or other ceremonial occasion. The writing is scored to allow for breaks from playing, especially in the brass. The structure of the march allows for numerous possible repeats or cuts as needed for a particular event.

Sample score and sound clip: With Wings Like Eagles

THE GREATEST GENERATION, (gr. 4) 18 minutes
C. Alan Publications

For narrator with band. THE GREATEST GENERATION is inspired by Tom Brokaw’s eloquent testament to the World War II generation.  The music sets the background for a reading of four soldiers’ letters that highlight the emotion of those difficult times and the victorious struggle to preserve our freedom. Commissioned by the American School Band Directors Association.

Sample score and sound clip: The Greatest Generation

COUNTRY DANCES, (gr. 4) 16 minutes
C. Alan Publications

The country dance, or “contradance” has a rich tradition in America. Although related to the more familiar square dance, the style is markedly different. Rather than the square set of four couples, any number of couples arranged in lines make up a contradance. The music of the contradance is mostly traditional tunes, with roots in the British Isles and New England. It is this music – the jigs, hornpipes, waltzes, schottisches, and fiddler’s reels – that brings the beauty and excitement to the dance. The tuneful melodies, rustic harmonies, and invigorating rhythms are truly a part of our American heritage.

Sample score and sound clip: Country Dances

OF THEE I SING, (gr. 4) 7 minutes
C. Alan Publications

Of Thee I Sing was commissioned by Major Donald E. Schofield for the United States Air Force Band of Mid-America. As the title suggests, the composition is based on the familiar patriotic tune "America." The piece is organized in three major sections that develop material from the song. Following an introduction, an original melody, lyrical and flowing in character with only a vague reference to the tune, is stated first in the horns and then throughout the ensemble. The middle section is driven by motivic fragments interspersed with intense percussion. The fragments coalesce into recognizable phrases from the tune, building to a peak. The music then transitions to the third and final section, a developed setting of "America" in its entirety. The piece ends with a glorious statement of the theme in the full ensemble.

Sample score and sound clip: Of Thee I Sing

C. Alan Publications

Beautiful River was commissioned by Daryl Jack and the Spring Hill High School Band, Spring Hill, Tennessee.  It was written in memory of Christy Foster, a percussion player in the band who was killed in an automobile accident.  Despite the tragic nature of the accident, Beautiful River does not attempt to serve as an elegy, but rather a celebration or reaffirmation of life. The final section is a developed setting of the hymn tune "Shall We Gather at the River."

Sample score and sound clip: Beautiful River

ON GREAT WHITE WINGS, (gr. 4) 9.5 minutes
C. Alan Publications

"There is no sport equal to that which aviators enjoy while being carried through the air on great white wings."- Wilbur Wright
On Great White Wings is a musical portrayal of four scenes in the quest for flight. Commissioned by the Tennessee Music Educators Association for the 2003 Tennessee All-State Band.

Sample score and sound clip: On Great White Wings

NEW FRONTIER, (gr. 4) 7 minutes
Daehn Publications

A musical tribute to that sense of vigor, imagination, and adventure that president John F. Kennedy brought to a nation.

Sound file: New Frontier

CRITICAL SPEED, (gr. 4), 7 minutes
Daehn Publications

The rate of velocity an object needs to escape Earth's gravity is called "critical speed." Revealing this image in musical terms, the piece has a constant, underlying rhythmic momentum that builds in several stages, leading to a peak of intensity. The music from this point is sheer fun, playful and exciting. The piece requires electric bass and drum set. Soloists (in a jazz idiom, but no improvisation) include alto sax., clarinet, trombone, and 2 trumpets.

Sound file: Critical Speed

MIRA!, (gr. 4) 4 minutes
C. Alan Publications

An exciting concert opener or festival piece. The title is the name of a bright star that is a prime candidate for supernova explosion in the near future. Some minimalist textures.

Sample score and sound clip: Mira!

FOOTPRINTS, (gr. 4) 8.5 minutes
C. Alan Publications

Commissioned by the Dickson Tennessee High School Band, Mark Kinzer, director.  This musical portrayal interprets the familiar parable in five sections. Textures include passages for solo flute and a setting of the hymn song "Eventide" (also known as "Abide by Me".)

Sample score and sound clip: Footprints

ADAGIO AND CAPRICE, (gr. 4), 8 minutes
Bourne Music Publishers

Written for the Washington University Wind Ensemble. The adagio is lyrical and lightly scored, with musical material generated from the opening clarinet theme. The caprice is a spirited double fugue with interspersed chorale sections based on the adagio melody.

WAVERIDER, (gr. 4), 5.5 minutes
C. Alan Publications

Commissioned by the Tullahoma High School Band, Stephen and Marion Coleman, directors. An energetic work inspired by NASA's experimental aircraft, the X-43, engineered and tested in Tullahoma.

Sample score and sound clip: Waverider

DELMAR STREET RAG, (gr. 3) 4 minutes
C. Alan Publications

The sparkling melodies and crisp rhythms of ragtime will keep toes tapping with Delmar Street Rag.  Named for Scott Joplin’s residence in St. Louis, a classic slow tempo rag is followed by a double-time march in this unique tribute to that great American style. 

Sample score and sound clip: Delmar Street Rag

A PRAIRIE SONGBOOK , (gr. 3) 10 minutes
C. Alan Publications

With varied instrumental textures, exciting harmonic treatments, and sensitive use of percussion this suite of four of the most enduring cowboy songs of the old West is sure to be a concert highlight.  Folk songs include The Old Chisholm Trail, Green Grow the Lilacs, Snagtooth Sal, and Yippee Ti-Yi-Yo.

Sample score and sound clip: A Prairie Songbook

I HAVE A DREAM, (gr. 3) 6 minutes
C. Alan Publications

A musical tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The piece offers a musical portrayal of King's famous speech, with sections titled "March on Washington", "Trials and Tribulations", and "Free at Last".

Sample score and sound clip: I Have A Dream

Grand Mesa Music

A setting of four English Renaissance melodies, including a processional ("The Queen's Command"), a galliard ("Earl Strafford"), a pavane ("St. Thomas, Wake!"), and a shanty ("Fortune My Foe").

Sample score and sound clip: Ceremonial Dances

FREE, (gr. 3), 7 minutes
C. Alan Publications

Commissioned by the Montgomery County (TN) Honor Band in memory of student Joey Ansberry. This composition is intended to be an uplifting expression of life.

Sample score and sound clip: Free

WALLS OF ZION, (gr. 3) 7 minutes
Daehn Publications

A free setting of the revival spiritual "Zion's Walls." Winner of the 1999 College Band Directors National Association Young Band Composition Contest. Recorded by the Vandercook College Symphony Band on Mark Records Cat. No. 3593-- MCD

Sound file: Walls of Zion

ABAYE'S GAME, (gr. 3), 3 minutes
TRN Music

The melody is based on a traditional song from Ghana, West Africa, used in a hand clapping game. Several nontraditional effects are scored, including whistling, shouting, and clapping. Characteristic of African music, the piece features a "call and response" section where a rhythm is first stated in the percussion and then repeated by wind players clapping.

Sample score and sound clip: Abaya's Game

WONDROUS LOVE, (gr. 2.5) 4 minutes
C. Alan Publications

2017-18 J.W. Pepper Editor's Choice Selection
This free setting of the hymn song “What Wondrous Love Is This” focuses on the variety of tonal colors and instrumental textures possible with the wind band. While technically written for younger ensembles, the expressive quality of the music makes Wondrous Love appropriate for bands at all levels.

Sample score and sound clip: Wondrous Love

SLEDDING, (gr. 2) 2 minutes
C. Alan Publications

This work for young band captures all of the innocence and excitement one experiences when playing in the snow. With its festive sleigh bells, clever harmonies, and hummable melodies, “Sledding” is the perfect addition to your winter concert.

Sample score and sound clip: Sledding

DOWN BY THE SALLEY GARDENS (gr. 2) 5.5 minutes
C. Alan Publications, Pioneer series

A salley garden is a garden of willow trees, kept in Medieval Ireland to have material for basket making and thatch roofing for cottages. It was a place where people would sometimes go to find the solitude to contemplate life's questions.

Sample score and sound clip: Down by the Salley Gardens

SIYAHOMBA, (gr. 2)
Grand Mesa Music

Siyahomba is an African melody native to the Zulu people of South Africa. This setting involves singing and clapping from the band.

Sample score and sound clip: Siyahomba

ZEPHYR, (gr. 2) 3 minutes
C. Alan Publications, Maestro series

ZEPHYR is a poetic term for a gentle breeze. Nature offers few pleasures that are more calm and peaceful than the mood we feel with a refreshing breeze. It is this thought that is the stimulus for this ballad for band.

Sample score and sound clip: Zephyr

DEDICATION, (gr. 2) 3 minutes
C. Alan Publications

A traditional concert march, featuring the clarinet section in the trio. Commissioned by the Charleston Missouri High School Band, Chris Starr, director.

Sample score and sound clip: Dedication

SECONDS, PLEASE! (gr. 2) 3 minutes
C. Alan Publications, Pioneer Series

This is a fun piece in march style that emphasizes the musical interval of the second. As musicians know, seconds are two notes that are next to each other in sound. When heard together, they give a little more "bite" to the harmony than more traditional chords. All melodic phrases and nearly every harmony in the piece focus on this interval.

Sample score and sound clip: Seconds, Please!

THE WATER IS WIDE (gr. 2) 5 minutes
C. Alan Publications

Dating back to the 1700's, this Scottish folk song was initially known as "O Waly, Waly". This free setting connects original music with the source melody in a continuos unfolding of melodic and motivic material.

Sample score and sound clip: The Water Is Wide

CLARINET CAPRICE (gr. 2) 3 minutes
C. Alan Publications

A clarinet section feature in march form, this composition lets the whole section show off. Scale patterns and some easy trills characterize the melodic writing, and the trio melody has fun with the register key. The clarinet part is mostly unison, with occasional two-part writing. A lightly scored accompaniment lets this feature selection shine a light on your clarinets.

Sample score and sound clip: Clarinet Caprice

TRUMPETS TRIUMPHANT (gr. 2) 3 minutes
C. Alan Publications

Trumpets Triumphant is a trumpet section feature for young band. The opening and closing sections present a crisp fanfare melody, and the middle section is more in the style of a British military march.

Sample score and sound clip: Trumpets Triumphant

BALLAD FOR BAND (gr. 2) 3.5 minutes
Grand Mesa Music

An expressive, lyrical piece for band. Ideal for teaching phrasing, intonation, and a singing style.

Sample score and sound clip: Ballad for Band

CARIBEEAN FESTIVAL (gr. 1.5) 2.5 minutes
C. Alan Publications

This fun and entertaining piece brings the carefree spirit of the Caribbean to your band. With Latin percussion and Zydeco-inspired rhythms accompanying the easy melody the music keeps everyone busy.

Sample score and sound clip: Caribbean Festival

MEASURE OF VALOR (gr. 1.5) 2.5 minutes
Grand Mesa Music

Noble in character, this concert piece states a bold theme in g minor followed by an uplifting Bb major section. A final section develops thematic ideas and reprises the g minor tonality.

Sample score and sound clip: Measure of Valor

GOOSEBUMPS (gr. 1) 2.5 minutes
C. Alan Publications

A spooky, Halloweenish tune where everyone gets a turn at the melody and the percussion section gets to play some “surprise” instruments, like the flexatone and vibraslap.

Sample score and sound clip: Goosebumps

VICTORY FANFARE (gr. 1) 2.5 minutes
C. Alan Publications

Noble in character and bold in its rhythmic and harmonic development, Victory Fanfare is a tribute to the men and women who serve our nation in the armed forces.

Sample score and sound clip: Victory Fanfare