Brass Solo/Mixed Chamber

FIVE MINIATURES, horn and piano, Medici Music Press.

RHAPSODY, tuba and piano, Tuba-Euphonium Press. Written for Scott Tignor.

Tuba-Euphonium Press: Tuba Rhapsody

RHAPSODY, trumpet and piano, C. Alan Publications. Written for Bryan Crisp.

Sample score and sound clip: Trumpet Rhapsody

RHAPSODY, trombone and piano
Avanti Music
Available for digital download through sheetmusicplus

Written for my friend and colleague Joshua Hauser. This recital piece features lyrical writing alternating with more rhythmic, technical passages.  Written in a contemporary tonal harmonic style.

EDGE, trombone and vibraphone, C. Alan Publications

Written for Joshua Hauser and Eric Willie.

Sample score and sound clip: Edge

THE MOONS OF JUPITER, unaccompanied trumpet, Subito Music.

Subito Music: The Moons of Jupiter