Brass Ensemble

A FESTIVAL CELEBRATION, antiphonal brass choir (84422)
C. Alan Publications

Written for the 40th anniversary of the Festival of Winds and Percussion at Tennessee Tech.

Sample score and sound clip: A Festival Celebration


Same composition as above but scored for British Brass Band, with added percussion.

A DREAM OF FLIGHT, brass and percussion (34311, 5 perc.)
C. Alan Publications

Sample score and sound clip: A Dream of Flight

BEAST!, tuba/euphonium ensemble (4,4), Tuba-Euphonium Press.

Sheet music available at: Beast!

Recording available at
Unleash the Beast--Tennessee Tech Tuba Ensemble

PINNACLE, tuba/euphonium ensemble (4,4), Cimarron Music Press.
Written for the 40th anniversary of the Tennessee Tech Tuba Ensemble. 

Cimarron Music: Pinnacle

Recording available at
Legacy--Tennessee Tech Tuba Ensemble

RUNNIN' WITH BYDLO, euphonium choir, euphonium quartet, or tuba/euphonium choir (4,4), Cimarron Music Press.
Based on the wellknown movement from Mussorgsky's "Pictures at an Exhibition." "Runnin' with Bydlo" piece, rather than slow and ponderous, is energetic throughout. 

Sample score and sound clip: Runnin' with Bydlo

Recording available at
Euphoniums Unlimited

THE AMAZING ADVENTURES OF THE ESCAPIST, trombone ensemble (5 parts).
Cimarron Music Press.
Written for the Tennessee Tech Trombone Choir, Josh Hauser, director.

Sample score and sound clip:The Amazing Adventures of the Escapist

Recording available at
Areta--Tennessee Tech Trombone Choir

ICE CREAM CITY, trombone quartet

Three movements--Rocky Road, Mint Chocolate Chip, and Brain Freeze. The outer movements are hard-driving rock and roll inspired grooves and the middle movement is a jazz ballad. 
Commissioned by the Tromboteam Trombone Quartet.

NOVA AQUILAE, brass choir (643111).
Commissioned by Kansas State University. Available from the composer.

SKY SCENES , brass choir (4231).  Commissioned by the University of Louisiana, Lafayette and premiered at the New York Brass Conference. Subito Music.

Subito Music: Sky Scenes

SIGNAL, brass ensemble (4 trp., 4 hrn.) Subito Music.

Subito Music: Signal

FOR A CELEBRATION, horn ensemble (8 parts) Subito Music.

Subito Music: For a Celebration

CUIVRE!, horn ensemble (8 parts) and percussion (2 players). Available from the composer.

A spirited and colorful extended fanfare with rhythmic energy and jazz-inspired melodies.

, tuba/euphonium ensemble (8 part). Cimarron Music Press  

Same as above only arranged for tuba/euphonium ensemble without percussion.

MUSIC FOR 8, trumpet ensemble. Subito Music.

Subito Music: Music for 8